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Extracted from the posted version of the January 25, 2008 Morristown Daily Record “Fifth annual Best Bands Poll” feature article.

Readers love these groups

The Daily Record's fifth annual Best Bands poll

Friday, January 25, 2008

Most met at bars. Others coffeehouses. Even -- gasp! -- the library.

And then they moved you -- as good musicians often do.

Now you, a faithful fan, stand behind your band, in hopes of moving them.

"I knew Michael could play football, track and swim -- he received 13 varsity letters in high school -- but I never dreamed he could sing and perform on stage like he does," Al Colledge wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Record.

Ah, father does know best after all.

"His unique talent for writing words/music, and then playing/singing them has strictly been inherited from his mom. He continuously impresses me with his energy and originality."


(Michael "Joe" Colledge received Best Male Vocalist picks from fans last year.)

Welcome to the fifth annual Best Bands edition of the Daily Record.

("American Idol," you can now leave the building.)

More of a shout-out to overall showmanship than contest, this is our means of seeking out new talent and reintroducing the well established.

If numbers do speak volumes, then you the fans, have spoken in surround sound.

However, when it comes to performing live in front of a non-studio audience, everyone here is a winner.

Throw in random acts of charity and there's no contest.

And now without further ado, let's have a sound check.

(Check, one, two.)


Since our inception five years ago, these bands bring a flock of followers who continue to flood our mailbox with love letters.

BAND X: Fronted by vivacious vocalist Ann Murphy, these rockers revel in the classics, dishing out generous helpings of Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Eagles and Leonard Skynard -- which barely scrapes the surface of this endless buffet.

Bar tested and mother approved, Band X won over Darlene Walther of Rockaway who booked them for her son's wedding.

Love note: "They are truly a great bunch of talented musicians. We even had them play this past fall for our son's wedding and everyone loved them," Walther wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Record.

Sneak peek:

Showtime: Feb. 15, 9:30 p.m.

Rattlesnake Ranch Café

559 E. Main St.,


(973) 586-3800