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Extracted from posted version of the January 7, 2005 Daily Record Best Bands in Morris feature article.


 BandX, above, is just another way of identifying classic rock, fans say.  From left: Al Albanese, Jim Bolzan, Ken Duncan and Ann Murphy.

These bands rock

By Ellen Wilkowe, Daily Record

Santa's back at the North Pole soaking his feet. The ball dropped in Times Square even without Dick Clark to coax it down. And finally holiday music has been retired for at least 280 days.

What now? Bills? Snow? Valentine's Day? Ugh.

Turn midwinter blues into midwinter reviews. Get off your duff and go check out some of Morris County's bands in bloom.

In our second annual best bands issue, we turned to you, the readers, the fan-base, and threw in one or two of our own top picks and a suggested list of must-sees.

Some bands have been together for years, bonded by a few core members with several incarnations. Most if not all are in it for the fun with a hoped-for side effect of fame.

While many of you "voted" for your favorite band, we want to emphasize that this is a no-contest issue. What you are about to read has been generated by you, the reader.

Band X

-- Al Albanese - guitarist

-- Ann Murphy - lead vocals

-- Ken Duncan - bass

-- Jim Bolzan - drums


Behind the name: It's easier to write songs than name a band, says guitarist Al Albanese. "We decided to form a band and we had no name so we just kept calling ourselves Band X."

Genre: Pure classic rock (no preservative added).

Example: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers.

Day jobs: Yes. Rockers by night. Teachers, construction workers and computer software managers by day.

Venues: The Exchange in Rockaway; Rock and Roll Café in Hopatcong; Vineddi's in Wharton; Arthur's St. Moritz in Sparta.

Fanfare: "Good classic rock done well." - Sarah Grieco, Parsippany.

"A friend and I came across the band purely by accident, while we enjoyed a late dinner at the Lockwood Tavern in Byram. It was one of the most memorable nights we have had. We were actually seated right next to the band while we ate our dinner and they asked us to stick around. We are so glad that we did. We had so much fun. We are now forever fans." - Robbin DiCesare, Budd Lake

"We go to hear Band X as often as we can because we love their music. It's a great night for listening and dancing whenever Band X is playing. - Al and Carol Wetmore, Andover

Showdowns: The Exchange in Rockaway, tonight; Vineddi's in Wharton, Jan. 15